Apps for Party

For Classroom or Sports Team Parties

Signup Genius – This free planning tool is an excellent way to plan class parties and events. Parents can sign up for food and items to bring to the class party, and everyone is on the same page.

For Invitations

Evite – Create online or text invitations for various events in a user-friendly format

Paperless Post – Offers stylish, designer online invitations

Punchbowl – Create free online or text invitations for various events with popular kids characters

Invitd – This app is specifically for creating and sending text message invitations

For Basic Organization

Trello – A unique planning app that allows you to make boards and lists and share them with your party planning team (or your family).

For Party Planning

My Party Planner – This app helps you with everything keeping track of the guest list to the budget.

For Transportation